They say it's lonely at the top...

It doesn't have to be.

How would it change your life if you had a partner challenging you to perform at the highest level. A partner with no agenda, no judgment and complete confidentiality whose singular focus is to help you discover a better version of yourself.

Just imagine what you could achieve.


Hi, I'm


Truth Teller / Motivator / Accountability Partner / Confidant / Leadership Coach

What my clients say...

tough but loving

A longtime CEO client says I am

carbonated zen

A law firm Partner calls me

a kick in the ass, rev you up accountability partner

VP of Sales says I am

a galvanizing leader and motivator

A CFO calls me

High performance athletes have a coach - High-achieving leaders need coaches too.

Executive Leadership Coaching for C suite executives and emerging leaders. 

Everyone needs a partner to probe, challenge and push you to play at a higher level because 90% of the game is played above the shoulders. You've already proven yourself; now together we will prove just how great you can be.

Think about how your career would change if you could...

Lead as a powerful individual. No space for imposter syndrome here.

Learn to set boundaries, overcome overwhelm, and delegate with ease to move your organization forward... Aka, ditch the people pleasing attitude.

Eliminate negative self-talk and lack of confidence. Swap fear of failure for the ability to make swift decisions that better your organization, yourself, and your team...

You’re right if you think something’s missing to make all that happen. What’s missing is the right person in your corner.

You need a partner in your growth.

I challenge you to do the hard work to uncover the answers that are already inside of you. We’re going to unpack your baggage, sort through your crap, and make deep changes together.

You need a proven executive coach.

While others might be afraid to tell you this...
I know you need to hear it.

You need to develop self-awareness to go after what you want.

You need to gain consciousness of the choices that you have in your life if you want change (because, yes, you have choices).

You need someone to hold up a mirror to your blind spots if you want to get ahead.

Your coaching sessions are goal-oriented and actionable because there’s no point in talking about the inner work if you aren’t willing to do something about it.

“Maureen is an outstanding executive coach who guides me and my leadership team to transform the way we lead and manage. The work that we have done together has helped us to prioritize and focus on ways to create value for the organization as well as to improve the working lives of our employees. Maureen is direct, inquisitive, and thought-provoking. She has a unique approach that’s based on identifying opportunities and challenges, and addressing and overcoming these obstacles. We love working with her and find that she delivers above and beyond.”

— Maria Dempsey, CEO, Nest New York

Want to transform the way you lead?

“Coaches who ask truly insightful questions and help their clients see things differently are a treasure for busy leaders and professionals who don’t normally take the time to engage in important self-reflection. Coaches who go the next step by helping their clients get “unstuck” and achieve breakthroughs and tangible results are rarer still. Maureen is a rare combination of a coach who listens well, challenges directly and unapologetically, and helps her clients achieve things they didn’t believe were possible. If you’re looking for a coach who produces real results, look no further.”

—Mike Tooley, Partner in Ice Miller LLP 

Want to achieve breakthrough results?